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OpenRDK is the result of the development activity in the SIED Laboratory and RoCoCo Laboratory, whose coordinator is Prof. Daniele Nardi.

Daniele Calisi and Andrea Censi have designed and implemented this framework.

Daniele Calisi is the current maintainer and core developer.

Alessandro Farinelli, Giorgio Grisetti and Luca Iocchi gave their contribution in the architecture definition and implementation.

Many thanks to some people that worked hard for OpenRDK (strictly alphabetical order): Francesca Giannone (Nao support and the coming soon learning support), Luca Iocchi (OpenRDK designing, Nao support and demos, graphical functions, etc.), Matteo Leonetti (coming soon PNP and constructive critics), Luca Marchetti (building system, Nao support), Prof. Daniele Nardi (MacOSX testing), Paloma de la Puente (tutorials and bug reports), Gabriele Randelli (MacOSX support), Mauro Sbarigia (Nao support), Alberto Valero (tutorials and bug reports), Roberto Vicario (tutorials).

The previous framework of our laboratory, on which Giorgio Grisetti, Alessandro Farinelli and Luca Iocchi worked hard, was named SPQR-RDK; here is a pubblication about our previous framework: Design and implementation of modular software for programming mobile robots. A. Farinelli, G. Grisetti, L. Iocchi. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 3 (1), pp. 37-42, March 2006.

If you are interested in the pubblications concerning the (new) OpenRDK, click here.

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