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Welcome to the OpenRDK website. OpenRDK is an open-source software framework for robotic applications rapid-development. If it is the first time you visit this website, we recommend you to start with the Introduction page and then go through the Tutorials section, or read one of the papers listed in the Publications section.


14 June, 2010: A bug in the previous release (2.1.6) force us to commit another release. No change in the codename, since it is only a bugfix release. Sorry for the 24 persons who already downloaded the 2.1.6. You can find the 2.1.7 in the usual place.

11 June, 2010: A new release, now Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and gcc up to version 4.4.3 are fully supported. The codename of the 2.1.6 beta release is sakura 桜 (cherry blossoms... late cherry blossoms, actually ;-)). Download it from the usual page:

  • gcc/g++ is supported up to version 4.4.3;
  • a new shell environment script, called rdkenv makes everything easier, have a look at the rdkenv installation and use.

11 January, 2010: A maintenance release was needed for compatibility issues with the new gcc compiler (in particular, for Ubuntu Karmic Koala users). Anticipating some big (but back-compatible) changes in the core, the 2.1.5 beta version, codename nengajou 年賀状 (look here to know what a nengajou is) is out! Download it from the usual page:

  • gcc/g++ is supported up to version 4.4.1 (that is the default version of the Ubuntu Karmic Koala distribution);
  • a new script to deploy OpenRDK agents on remote hosts (have a look at the tutorial);
  • some improvements (that are, so far, mostly hidden) to the building system;
  • usual bugfixes and minor updates, thanks to the users!

26 July 2009: Another release is out: get the 2.1.4 beta, codename goei (ご影, image) from the download page:

  • interoperability with OpenCV and ImageMagick is enforced, thanks to "bridges" between the image format of OpenRDK and these two libraries, have a look at the tutorial page about this.
  • the video4linuxmodule has a new libv4l2 support, more webcams and formats are supported out-of-the-box!
  • usual bugfixes and minor updates, thanks to the users!

4 June 2009: The new 2.1.3 beta release is out. Download it from the usual spot:

  • a lot of bugfixes, thanks to our users!
  • a new event handling mechanism has been added: now you can easily write event handlers inside your modules, that react to specific events you are listening to; have a look at the event handling tutorial;
  • a new module allows for the interaction with any web browser, thanks to standard HTTP/1.1 requests: now you can see and modify properties on your OpenRDK agents using your favourite web browser; have a look at the HttpManager module webpage.

17 April 2009: Jabon 1.1 has been released. It is a SOAP C++ toolkit that includes a C++ code generation tool and a base library that implements the runtime to support it. From version 1.1, it supports the OpenRDK module structure.

19 March 2009: A new version of OpenRDK has been released. This 2.1.2 release is mostly a maintenance release that solve some minor bugs without adding new features.

19 March 2009: A new version of the OpenRDK module for the NaoQi framework has been released. You can find it in this download page. Please note that now, you have two different modules, depending on your NaoQi version (1.0.0 or 1.2.0): choose the appropriate +1.0.0 or +1.2.0 file.

19 March 2009: This was the last day of the OpenRDK workshop: you can download the presentations of the talks from its webpage.

18 February 2009: Now we have a new website, please check all the included instructions and documentation, and make comments about them. Moreover, we have a set of tutorials for beginners, that you can follow step-by-step in order to understand the OpenRDK framework. Finally, we added a tracker for bug reports, feature requests and website requests (you can access them at the bottom of the left navigation bar).

17 February 2009: New OpenRDK beta: 2.1.0 beta 1. Many fixes and novelties have been added to the framework. In particular, now you can have a separate repository for all your projects, you are not forced to write your code inside the OpenRDK tree anymore (see instructions in the tutorials section).

2.1.0 beta 1 - release notes:
  • the OpenRDK core library is now inside rdkcore/ directory, instead of rdk2/ directory, so change your source files accordingly.
  • one of the greatest new feature is the support for the Aldebaran's Nao platform, look at the demos in the section Your first run with Nao robot: "Hello Nao!".
  • added support for version 2.1 of the Player/Stage suite
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